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A Chinese guy recently made nationwide news headlines for their years-long find it difficult to find a wife that is suitable

A Chinese guy recently made nationwide news headlines for their years-long find it difficult to find a wife that is suitable

He claims to own asked around 80,000 ladies over the last eight years, but got rejected no less than 80,000 times if they wanted to date him. Ouch!

31-year-old Niu Xiangfeng was called a “dating madman” for their approach that is aggressive to a life-partner. He first made the news headlines in 2013, whenever pictures of him walking through the roads of Beijing while keeping an indicator that advertised his aspire to locate a wife together with his links to their social networking pages went viral on line. Their daddy passed away of cancer tumors after some duration prior in which he felt like he had a need to get hitched and begin a household. Things didn’t turn out of the method he had hoped, and five years on, he could be nevertheless hunting for Mrs. Right.

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Today, Niu Xiangfeng is not walking on with indications any longer, but he’s putting just like much work, or even more, into locating a spouse. He continues on dating sites, befriends females on social networking and also walks up to them from the road and asks them if a boyfriend is had by them. Nevertheless, he constantly gets refused. Some state it’s because he’s trying to stressful and comes down as aggressive or hopeless, but Niu features a explanation that is different.

He claims ladies today can be “shameless” whenever it comes down to selecting intimate lovers. Many choose high and handsome guys who is able to sweet-talk their method to their hearts, but he’s “short and that is ugly does not prefer to inform lies merely to wow ladies. Cash is additionally a big issue, as solitary women can be to locate guys with good salaries whom possess their particular house when you look at the town. “They state that as a guy, you ‘must’ have a residence,” in which he does not, unfortunately.

The 31-year-old bachelor had been recently showcased in a Pear video clip, for which it absolutely was reported which he have been refused around 80,000 times within the last few 8 years. It doesn’t matter how ugly Xiangfeng believes he is, that quantity seems a little suspicious, so lots of Chinese news sites reached away to him to verify if he previously actually been refused tens and thousands of times.

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In an meeting with East Day, Niu Xianfeng stated that although he never ever clearly told Pear that he’d been turn off 80,000 times, their estimation is not impractical. He claims that more than many years he has got messaged ladies around 60,000 times online, a lot of whom rejected him, whilst the sleep merely did answer that is n’t in which he will need to have approached at the least 20,000 – 30,000 ladies regarding the roads, therefore 80,000 rejections appears about right.

Expected if he had been just seeming news attention, Xianfeng said that he would require a explanation to take action. Individuals shopping for popularity are interested, like marketing company or becoming an actor or some type of celebrity. He’s got no interest that is such. He’s perhaps perhaps not selling any such thing and he does not have the desire or even the skill to exert effort being an entertainer. He claims that after their father died, all he desired to do was find a spouse to start out a household and then make their mother that is old delighted. That’s when CCTV cameras caught him walking through the roads along with his signs that are dating. Perhaps the current Pear video clip had been a outcome associated with media’s interest in the quest to locate a spouse.

After the current news protection, Niu Xiangfeng admits that a few tens of thousands of females have actually expected in order to connect with him on social networking, but he could be not receiving their hopes up. The same task occurred in 2013, as he first made news headlines. Tens and thousands of individuals befriended him on Weibo, but he finished up unfriending them after realizing which they weren’t really enthusiastic about dating him, and had been simply wasting his time.

Niu’s battle did not wow or hit a chord with Chinese media users that are social. Feedback has generally speaking been negative, with a few commenters stating that the 31-year-old isn’t just ugly and short but does not comprehend the notion of dating. Other people said that their inability to locate a partner has nothing at all to do with their appearance, but alternatively along with his aggressive approach. “Love can’t be forced,” other folks have said.